What is Pictor?

Pictor is the fastest and easiest way for you to bulk download your Flickr photos & videos to your computer. With Pictor, you simply search for any keyword and you will get the photos & videos for that keyword. You can then add that to download and Pictor will continue to download the media. You can even download photos & videos from your Flickr account by authenticating your Flickr account with Pictor.

Can I download Flickr Public photos?

Yes, with Pictor you can download Flickr public photos to your computer. Simply search for a keyword within the application interface and all the available images will be downloaded to your machine.

Why should I use Pictor?

Today, if you try to download a big batch of Flickr photos, you are restricted by the 200 photos per batch limit on the web. As you try to break up batches and lose track of the exact items in each, you end up with duplicates which creates a bigger mess.Pictor is far simpler, faster and smarter - it can download 1000s of photos without any input from you, it keeps looking for new photos if found download them all.

Is it necessary to connect my Flickr account to download Public photos/videos?

No, the Flickr Photo downloader will not ask you to connect your Flickr account to download 'Public' photos. However, if you wish to download photos from your personal Flickr account, then you will have to connect it.