Welcome to Pictor!

Pictor Photo Downloader Dashboard

Pictor is live! We are super excited to bring you a Flickr downloader your can trust - designed for bulk photo and video download from your Flickr account. Our goal is to make Pictor the easiest, fastest and richest downloader for every Flickr user to manage their photo and video collection on Flickr without having to spend hours and hours tracking downloader, removing duplicates and so on. We have ourselves been Flickr users since its early days and have lived the pain of downloading our memories and collections from Flickr. No more - Pictor will serve as your automated downloader buddy and its ready to roll. 

Please download Pictor today and take it for a spin. We would love to hear your feedback and want to work closely with the Flickr community to learn how we can make Pictor better every day. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us at pictor@picbackman.com.

Happy downloading!

Automatic flickr photo downloader

Pictor is the fastest way to download your entire photo and video collection from Flickr.

Users in 130+ countries have downloaded.