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Automatic flickr photo downloader

Pictor is a smart downloader for Flickr. Pictor helps you download your own photos/videos as well as publicly shared ones from photographers you admire. Pictor downloads are automatic & continuous - if you are a Flickr fan, you’ll love Pictor.

Jody Johnson testimonial

   ... I absolutely love Pictor - it is exactly what I had been looking for to download photos from Flickr based on creators as well as tags that I am interested in. Love the way Pictor automates it all.

Jody Johnson
Lola testimonial

   ... I had a question, how can I download my Flickr collection (400+ GB) of photos onto my hard drive without causing the mental trauma? Pictor was the answer.


What makes Pictor the best flickr downloader?

Powered by intelligent software, Pictor smartly handles the complexities of APIs, limits, throttling, timeout and other challenges to create a photo video downloader that never fails you.

Easy downloads of photos and videos from Flickr

Dead Easy

Pictor is designed to be super easy to use - you get started downloading photos and videos from Flickr in under 3 minutes.
Download You own + Public ones

Your Own + Public Ones

With Pictor, you can download your own photos and videos as well as all the public ones by creators as well as tags.
Continuous download of photos and videos

Continuos Download

Pictor is a continuous download app - which means Pictor monitors for new photos/videos to download for the accounts and tags you’ve selected.
More Services - SmugMug downloads

More Servcies

Pictor works for Flickr right now and we will be adding support for SmugMug, 500px and many others in the coming weeks and months.
Brian Baker testimonial Pictor has been a godsend. I used to spend hours trying to download my photo and video from my multiple Flickr account and would be totally tied up trying to track them. With Pictor, all that work has just disappeared. It does it all and I don’t have to look at it once I set it. Highly recommend it if you actively manage your Flickr account.- Brian Baker
Leonardo testimonial Pictor was a life saver in that I could download all my photos from multiple Flickr account, to my computer by keeping them in their original folders rather than them being converted back to date format.- Leonardo
Jessica testimonial Excellent program, like no other it can handle any amount of photos. Efficient, easy to use, very reasonably priced and great support.- Jessica
Your pictures are scattered. Pictor brings order to your digital memories. ...
Pictor automates the process of uploading pictures to multiple photo storage sites.
Top rated photo backup application.Pictor cnetdownload rating
It's easy, convenient and can handle thousands of pictures at once.

Countless features to serve every need

Pictor is packed with features and yet dead easy to use so you can get exactly what you want with your downloads without jumping through hoops.

  • No limits. Unlimited download of photos & videos of all sizes.
  • Download. Download your own Flickr photos/videos.
  • Flickr. Download Flickr Public photos.
  • Ongoing. Continuous monitoring & download of new photos & videos from Flickr albums.
  • Collection. Download full collection to your computer.
  • Account. Download from Multiple Flickr Accounts.

And a lot more. Don’t find a feature here? Contact us & we will confirm.

Fanatic support

Experience it to believe it. Our entire team is our support team - when we are not building software and writing guides, we are helping you with Pictor.

Michael K. Rosenberg

   ... Support from the Pictor staff has been incredibly great. Above and beyond!

Michael K. Rosenberg
Benedict Khoo

   ... I have purchased things costing thousands that don't have anywhere near this kind of technical support.

Benedict Khoo
Kip Roof testimonial

   ... Their support is excellent, too. When I did have an issue, they sorted it out in just a few minutes.

Kip Roof